Swazipharm is a medical device distributor of biomedical test tools which help assist biomedical professionals, field service and other medical personnel to meet increasing regulatory guidelines, higher quality standards and rapid technological growth while performing their work efficiently.

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Calibration Pump 2l

ECG Patient Cable Arm For The Trolley

Schiller Disposable Electrodes

Register Paper, Cardiovit AT-2

PhysiCool Gel Pads

Paed CVP Cath Internal Jugular S/T 12.5cm 4FR D/L

Gradual Control Foot Pedal

Foley Cath 12FR 10ml 2W H/G Coated 1s

Foley Cath FR14 10ml 2W H/G Coated 1s

Sterile Humidifier Water With Adapter 500ml