Swazipharm is Eswatini's largest distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to the government, humanitarian organisations, private organisations, missionaries etc. We provide a reliable link between regional/international manufacturers and health institutions.


“A specialised team for a special client.”

We are committed to providing Eswatini with professional and effective services and the best quality products.


We have a highly trained team with vast experience in the medical field. Swazipharm is a well-structured organisation with an organogram which allows for professional systematic operations and ensures accountability.
The organisation is led by David J Melvin who is the CEO, Executive Director and is also a qualified pharmacist.

Our team consists of:
  • General Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Quality Assurance Pharmacist
  • Tender Purchasing Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Inventory Manager
  • Warehouse Manager

Amongst the management team there is more than 3 decades of experience in the pharmaceutical sector ranging across wholesaling, retail, medical, regulatory and manufacturing.

MORE ABOUT Swazipharm Wholesalers (Pty) Ltd


Swazipharm Wholesalers (Pty) Ltd has been in operation and servicing Eswatini since the 23rd of April 1985.

For more than three decades, Swazipharm has provided quality service to the Swazi nation through modern management systems and a highly motivated technical team with over 35 years’ experience. Over this period, we have grown Swazipharm to a total of 70 employees. Due to the support of our loyal customers and suppliers and our dedicated staff, we have extended our business by adding a new warehouse to hold bulk stock and our dispatch and receiving areas have been revamped to accommodate the current workflow and customer needs


Swazipharm was birthed in 1985 with a vision to make a difference to the people of Africa. Our company is uniquely known as the Avacare Health Group.

Our innate passion and commitment to deliver timeously has helped us make our mark in the pharmaceutical and healthcare arena. We believe that “Yesterday we were good, today we are better and tomorrow we shall be great”. For us, the journey to greatness is not defined by one man’s success or even one company's success. Rather, greatness lies in our ability to make a difference in the lives of the people of Africa and in the accessibility of our products in every part of Africa.


Dr. Vikramkumar Naik - Executive Chairman and Founder

Dr Vikramkumar Naik is the founder and current Group Executive Chairman of the Avacare Health Group. Dr Naik formed the progenitor of the Avacare Health Group in 1996. His goal to supply the continent affordable, high-quality medical goods and services has allowed for the growth of the Avacare Health Group to what it is today. With over 30 years of experience, Dr Naik brings deep expertise to the African pharma space. Dr Naik’s leadership continues to take the Avacare Health Group to new heights. An anaesthesiologist by profession, Dr Vikramkumar Naik started his career at the coalface, working in severely under-resourced African hospitals. His experiences there motivated his ambitious but strategic vision for a healthier continent. It was clear that Africa required high-quality but affordable medical goods and services. Since then, he’s dedicated his life to achieving that goal. His approachable leadership style continues to bring people together, which, in turn, fosters more leaders to pass on his unifying ethos. Thanks to Dr Naik, our visionary leaders and the commitment of our staff and partners, we turn ideas into results, translate dreams into reality and transform challenges into success.

André Meyer - Chief Executive Officer

André Meyer is the CEO of the Avacare Health Group. Appointed in July 2021, he brings with him a richness of knowledge, expertise and experience in the healthcare industry. André’s experience in healthcare began in 1996, when he was appointed as Managing Director at Alexander Forbes Healthcare Consultants and Actuaries, where he served for six years, building this business into the largest healthcare consultancy in South Africa. In 2002, he moved to Medscheme Holdings as CEO where he spent over a decade, where he was responsible for turning the company around and then guiding the growth strategy to become South Africa’s largest medical scheme administrator and managed care provider measured by the number of lives under administration. Following the successful turnaround André received the CRF ‘South African Leading Managers’ award in 2007. This was followed by an appointment as Group CEO at Life Healthcare in 2013 where he was responsible for delivering the Group’s international expansion and diversification strategy. In 2017 André founded and was the Director of Invenico Health, focussed on bringing new technologies and innovative business ideas to the healthcare sector with the aim of broadening access to healthcare delivery. André holds various board appointments of companies in the healthcare sector.